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Panda Express is a well renowned casual fast-food chain that serves American Chinese cuisine. It started out as a sit-down restaurant commonly known as Panda Inn but with time it expanded and emerged as a well-liked fast-food chain that happens to be family-owned and operated. It has a website with online access on www.pandaexpress.com/feedback.

Today Panda Express Survey and itself has stretched and made its name all across the U.S. and is still expanding outside the U.S. and it has set up in more than 2000 locations.

www.pandaexpress.com/feedback – Steps to Sneak in Panda Express Survey

Panda Express is a Chinese inspired fast food chain where nutritious and fresh Chinese cuisine is served on an American platform where American Chinese cuisine is defined.

The drinks served at the Panda Express tea bar are also Asian inspired drinks meant to entice exotic oriental flavors in their American consumers.

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Menu Items:

The menu items are constantly tested and improved with time to meet customer satisfaction. Panda Express offers a wide variety of nutritious menu items consisting of:

  •  Entrees
  •  Sides
  •  Appetizers
  •  Desserts
  •  Tea Bar
  • The objective of the Panda Express

The aim of the Panda Express is to provide its consumers the ultimate Asian dining experience that leaves them craving for more all the while creating a workplace where people strive to better their efforts.

History of Panda Express:

1973 * Panda Express first started by Andrew Cherng as Panda Inn.

1982 * Peggy Cherng joined Andrew and father in the business.

1983 * Andrew was offered to open his restaurant is the food court of Glendale Galleria.

1985 * Panda Express opened at the Westside Pavilion.

1987 * Chef Andy Kao developed the recipe for the Panda Express’ famous Chinese-American orange chicken.

1997 * Opened its first stand-alone restaurant in Hesperia, California.

2011 * First Panda Express outside of US was launched.

2013 * Panda Express opened up in Canada and Nepean, Ontario.

2014 * Panda Restaurant group’s overall sale went over $2 billion.

2016 * Opened its first restaurant in Guatemala City.

Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The Panda Express has made quite a name in the fast-food world but with the rapid growth of the business world and new brands and chains taking root the existing fast food chains have to take greater leaps towards introducing innovative menu ideas and higher standards of food and quality to keep their customers intact and maintain their name.

This is achieved by getting customers’ input about the restaurant that what appeals to them and what they find lacking or what they think needs to be changed.

Surveys play the role of the bridge that connects the customers to the organization and enables them to communicate their view point to the company so they can work on those areas.

Panda Express has also brought forth a customer feedback survey that they encourage their customers to fill by offering enticing rewards.

How to Fill the Survey?

Here is the in-detail guide with step by step procedure to assist you in filling the Panda Express Survey. But to fill the survey you should ensure some things beforehand that are the terms and conditions for filling the Panda Express Survey. Some of these things are mentioned below.

1. Valid Receipt:

You must possess a Panda Express receipt that should not be older than two days. The receipt is necessary to fill in some of the details at the time of filling the survey.

2. Internet Access:

The survey is online based so make sure to have access to a device that has a sound internet connection so that it may not cause you any inconvenience while taking the survey.

3. Age Limit: The minimum age limit is 18 and anyone under this age limit is considered ineligible to take the survey.

4. Language Preference: The Panda Express feedback survey is only offered in two languages so make sure you fill the survey you are most fluent in. The languages offered are:

  1.  English
  2.  Spanish

Now we move on to the procedure of filling the survey step wise.

Step 1: Visit the survey website of Panda Express: www.pandaexpress.com/Feedback

Step 2:

Now using your Panda Express receipt fill in the following information:

  •  Store Number
  •  Store Address
  •  Your Order Number
  •  Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit
  • Once you have entered all this information click “Select” to proceed.

Step 3:

Now you will be directed to a questionnaire where you will be required to answer the questions on a satisfaction scale ranging from “Highly Satisfied” to “Highly Dissatisfied”.

Step 4:

At the end of the survey you will be asked to enter your personal information. This information is kept confidential by the company and it is necessary to provide correct data so that it provides the company convenience to contact you in case you win your reward. This information comprises of:

  •  Your Name
  •  Date of Birth
  •  Contact Number
  •  Email Address
  •  Zip Code

Step 5:

At the completion of the survey, you receive a code. Keep this code secure because you will need it at the time of your next order in order to claim your reward.

Reward Offered:

The rewards offered at the Panda Express for filling the survey are either:

  1. A free meal
  2. Discount Voucher

Whichever reward you receive depends on the offer printed on your Panda Express Survey receipt online on www.pandaexpress.com/feedback. Claiming the reward is a fairly simple process. To claim this reward you must show the validation code to the cashier at the time of your next purchase. This validation code is provided to you at the end of the survey.

The free meal offer is the most popular among Panda Express consumers since they are offering a free entree. The entrees offered at the Panda Express are:

  •  Orange Chicken
  •  Honey Sesame Chicken Breast
  •  String Bean Chicken Breast
  •  Sweet Fire Chicken Breast
  •  Kung Pao Chicken
  •  Mushroom Chicken
  •  Black Pepper Chicken
  •  Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
  •  Broccoli Beef
  •  Shanghai Angus Steak
  •  Beijing Beef
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp
  • Eggplant Tofu

This wide range of entrée items have the customers in a rush to fill out the Panda Express survey and get a chance to devour one of these entrée items for free.

Final Word on Panda Express:

Overall the Panda Express is a very established name in the fast food world across the U.S. and even oversees. The effort they are making towards improving customer satisfaction level is a great initiative by the company. There is no loss in filling out the survey and filling more surveys betters your chances of winning a free entrée so make sure to fill the Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey the next time you visit Panda Express.

Panda Express Contact Information:

  1.  Panda Express Website: www.pandaexpress.com
  2.  Official Survey Website: www.padaexpress.com/guest
  3.  Survey Privacy Policy: www.inmoment.com/privacy-policy/
  4.  Customer Help Site: www.pandaexpress.com/contactus
  5.  Email Address: support@inmoment.com
  6.  Contact Number: Call at 800-530-4251

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